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Audi Ads in AutoWeek

   Hey everyone, just saw some ads in AutoWeek I thought some of you
might be interested.

        1991 Audi 20V Turbo Quattro --New inspection, tires,
alighnment, timming belt, brakes and rotors, 5spd, Gray/Blk, 126K
miles, extra clean, $10,500. (215) 256-4185 PA

        Audi Quattros --1993 90 Series "CS" Quattro, 65K, Pearl white,
5 spd, $12,000; 1991 "CS-90", 20V, 5 spd, Quattro, $6,900; 1989 80
Series Quattro, 5 cyl, 5 spd, $4,900; 1994 100S, 46K mi, Pearl white,
auto, one owner, $14,900; 1992 100CS, leather, teal, auto, $10,900.
McKee Motors (717) 545-1722 PA

        '99 Audi - A4, A6, A8 --large selection.  Most competetive
prices in the country.  Delivery anywhere in the US.  Stan Alan Sales &
Leasing.  (330) 633-0436 ext 204 OH

        1995.5 Audi S6 Quattro wagon --227hp, 5 cyl, 20V turbo, 5 spd,
Black/blk leather, LOADED, 45K miles.  $34,900.  (802) 658-2277 VT

        1996 Audi A4 Quattro --Autumn Red, 2.8 V6, 5 spd, very clean, 1
yr warr.  $19,900.  Autohaus of Royal Oak (248) 549-3636 MI

        Audi 5000 Turbo Quattros --1987, 5 sedans.  Also '89 Plymouth
Colt 3 door turbo, $4,000.  Exceptionally maintained  (630) 406-8444  IL

           --Be warned.  I have called this guy and all his Audis seem
to have at least 3 major problems and he seems to think they are worth
some premium because they belong to him.  He doesn't seem willing to
negotiate but that was a year ago and he may have changed his mind
After all, he's still trying to sell the same 5 cars!  He has yet to
sell one of them.  I think he's on drugs, but that's just MHO.  I have
no proof to back this up other than he wants $4K for a 5KTQ with no
doccumentation and a blown head gasket which has been sitting in a barn
for over a year.  Call him if you want to have a good laugh.

     Other cars of interst:

        1992 Galant VR-4 --Forest Green/Black leather, Hennessey
Motorsports modified, garaged s climate, $6,500 MJ (210) 225-3437 TX

        SAAB AEROS -1995 --2 Black, 1 Platinum, All 5 spds, low milage,
loaded, from $22,998.  Delivery arranged.  Harry Kaufman Motorcars
(414) 353-8088  WI

        1992 Mercedes 500E --Smoke Silver, 36K miles, Extd warr till
2/01, Benz EvoII whls + Pirelli Snows + Orig wheels & tires, K-40,
exceptional condition.  $45,000  (630) 961-0210  IL

        1992 Mercedes 500E --Brilliant Black/Blk lthr, CD player, very
good condition, 65K miles, Dlr maintained. $35,000 (973) 408-9236  NJ

           --This was the rare high performance MB built off the 300E
platform and assembled on Porsche's production line in Stutguart.  When
Mercedes pulled the plug on it, that's when Audi began production of
the RS2 on that same line.  All automotive magazines flipped over this
car at it's introduction calling it "quite possibly the finest car in
the world" and probably worth it's high premium.  But, I've never
driven one, so I can't say.

        1994 Corvette ZR-1 --Polo Green II/Beige, both tops, ext warr,
DRM chip, otherwise stock, exc 16,500 miles, $42,500 (630) 665-0534  IL

        1994 Corvette ZR-1 --18,000 miles, Yellow/Black comfort seats,
6 speed, flawless example, $48,500  Kip Steward Motor Sports (248)
477-7733  MI

           --Prices on these have obviously NOT come down at ALL!
These things were selling around then brand new.  Then again, they are
amazing cars and very rare.  So, prices may be justified, expecially
for a real nice original ZR-1.

        Porsche turbo "S".  Last of the great Turbo!  Fully equipped.
Bruce Canepa (831) 423-5704  CA

        1992 Mitsubishi Galant GSX --AWD, 240hp, 66K miles, upgraded
turbo & brakes. Adj suspension, cust sterio, HKS exhuast, new clutch
and more  $10,000  (630) 668-5807  IL

           --This sounded like a fun car.  A car that light with 240hp
turbocharged motor and AWD would be wicked fast!

  All ads are printed as advertised in AutoWeek with the exception of
some of my comments.

  No affiliations and not responsible for lost income or divorce if you
buy one of these cars.