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Hydraulic pump - HELP!

Picked up the front section of the pump from Rugby Motor Engineering,
after they'd successfully pulled off the triangular boss that holds
the pulley.  As we thought - simple press-fit.

The 'bearing' was a surprise - a simple bush (sleeve) - which must work
well simply because the entire thing is immersed in Green Gold throughout
its working life.  OK.

I'm left with a tandem pump in two parts - the rear low-pressure (steering)
part and the front high-pressure (braking) part.

Looking at the front part - it's obviously fed at medium pressure
through the centre chamber of the pump.  It's basically an eccentric
cam pushing alternately at two pistons.  The ends of the piston
chambers are covered by cross-headed discs, which I presume are what the
famed 'drag link sockets' are meant to deal with.   But what about
the Allen screws at 90 degrees to these?  Take 'em out before, after or
not at all?

Anyone got a good description (or the TSB mentioned on the list in 1994)?

Fax number in .sig and desperation mounting.

 Phil Payne
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