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Idiots with Cars (was Door Dingers)

  Browning, David wrote:
  >I've never seen so many people around where I live (Indianapolis), who 
  >will take their brand-spanking new car and run it off the side of the 
  >road, through ditches, gravel, etc. just to get around somebody to turn 
  Reminds me of the time last spring when I was heading north around the 
  east side of Indianapolis on the outerbelt.  
  I was in the hammer lane traveling with a group of cars passing slower 
  traffic which, surprisingly, was actually keeping to the right.  Suddenly 
  my left mirror was filled with the image of a fast approaching POS Ford 
  Tempo running about 85-90 mph - half on the shoulder and half in the 
  median. When the Tempo came beside me I looked over and saw the driver 
  was a 20-25 year old female, driving with a big cup of beverage in one 
  hand, the other hand draped over the top of the wheel, and an infant in 
  the passenger's seat. Not much for maternal instinct, eh?
  I slowed, thinking that this idiot was trouble, but then the moron lost 
  control and dropped tail down into the median just as she got beside the 
  car just two positions ahead of me.  Now her car was sliding down the 
  median and shoulder sideways at 80 mph, throwing all manner of debris and 
  stones airborne into my path.  I stopped, to avoid the debris, along with 
  several cars ahead and behind me.  Somehow the POS car slid to a stop 
  sideways without rolling. She was immobile about 3 seconds before 
  speeding off using the left lane, which was then clear of traffic because 
  we had all stopped while she was sliding along sideways. I wonder if she 
  ever put two hands on the wheel?
  Thinking I had avoided any severe impacts with debris, I was glad to see 
  her drive away. It was not until later, after completing the 3 hour drive 
  home to Michigan, that I discovered a hole through my right headlight.
  <mandatory AUDI content> Sadly, I was driving my VW GTI with my already 
  upgraded headlights and not my 5kcstq with POS DOT lights.
  Eric R. Kissell
  86 5kcstq 1.8 bar, still with POS DOT headlights