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RE: UK police, (low audi content)

In message <6BC8246D88E9D111974200805FA7011201533461@tceis2.indy.tce.com> "Browning David (TVCS)" writes:

> > An ur-quattro can _easily_ leave a 328i.  Ask the guy who rolled his
> > 328i trying to follow me up an M25 slip road a few months back.

> I'm amazed at the antics on the list.  I'm surprised that there are any cars
> still in one piece!

An ur-quattro is not being driven properly unless all four wheels drift
evenly on all changes of direction greater than 35 degrees.

In the UK, an average 'straight on' traverse of a traffic island
involves four such manoeuvres.   None of which can be followed by _any_
BMW yet built.

 Phil Payne
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