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Re: unsprung weight

Pat writes:
>I do not have any weights but I can tell you that a 50 series tire usually
>does weigh more than a 70 series tire.  Most of the weight of the tire is
>the belt package,  of which the 50 series has many more.  Try picking up a
>rated tire sometime and compare it to an s.  Big difference.  I will say
>Squarelli's are usually lighter than most other brands.  I think they use
>some fabrics for belts.  Of course this could be why they have such a poor

Apples and Oranges.  I know a Z or V rated tire has more rubber and quality
and likely weight than an S rated tire.  What do, say, V rated 70s vs. 50s

No fair adding fatter tires to the mix, either.

Your mention of S rated tires bring back memories.  I bought S rated tires
once in '78, for my '72 Ford LTD, ex-Hewlett-Packard fleet car picked up at
auction.  I was dirt poor (student), and felt the price was right for the
tires.  Boy was I nuts!  In tires, more than in anything else I know, you
get what you pay for.  Michelin has been the minimum standard for me ever