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Re: vibration, and oil leak

Hairy green toads from Mars made C1J1Miller@aol.com say:

> My '91 200q20v is giving me a low frequency, fairly noticeable vibration under
> boost, especially apparent while cornering.  Occasionally get a noise under
> the car as well; this is not noticeable under mild throttle.  The noise might
> just be a sympathetic vibration of a heat shield... Any ideas?

Turn up the radio?

> Noticed a small oil leak; appears to be the oil pan gasket.  I'll try
> retorquing the pan bolts; but are there any btdt for gasket replacement?  I'm
> coming up on oil change time... do I need to drop the subframe, or just the
> pan?  The oil leak is minor and been there for several thousand miles, but the
> wet area has expanded along the joint of the pan/block, so it seems like time
> to do something (no drop in level on the dipstick since last oil change).

Ruh Roh.....

This may be more than you think. My '89 100Q had this, thought it
might just be the gasket. No..... Turns out that these cars have a
problem with the oil pump, which sits in that corner of the pan.
It looks like a gasket leak, but is in fact the pump weeping out
the side where it meets the gasket.

The cost was pretty high: $600 something for the pump alone....
I lived with it for almost 2 years before I bit the bullet.


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