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4kq 9007 experience

This last weekend I finally got around to doing the 9007 swap on my 85
4kq.  Thanks alot to all those who suggested it and answered some of my
questions (Huw and James Marriot come to mind).  Of course, I also
installed relays at the same time.
	As for the effect, wow!  I am impressed.  They are MUCH better than
9004's.  I wont compare them to euros, as they have a very different
look.  Regardless, the pattern is far more even, and I have both better
distance and peripheral vision.
	A couple notes.  I took power directly off the alternator and also
grounded both lights to the alternator housing (I highly suggest this as
the best ground available).  I used to Hella relays with built-in fuses
that I installed on the back side of the plastic radiator shroud on the
drivers side of the radiator.  I chose this position because I feel it
is fairly well protected from weather, and there really aren't many good
positions that allow you to access the relays (something to consider
because that's where the fuses are).  I used all 12 ga wire and covered
it with split tubing.  I also bought 2 new "heavy duty" bulb connectors
(comp ltd) because I felt the 900x connectors are bad enough new, never
mind @ 15 yrs old.  These connectors are fairly nice, 14 ga pigtails,
dielectric grease already in the connectors.  And lastly, I used 65/100
bulbs from comp ltd.  I the extra 10w on low is nice, the high beams
still suck.  If I did any significant amount of driving on less traveled
roads I would definitely install some Hellas.

Thanks alot to those who helped,
Erik Addy
89 200tq (euros-awsome)
85 4kq (9007s-acceptable)