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Re: Beware of VRC and VRE

>  I believe that a customer-service oriented dealer will keep these
> parts in stock even if they lose money on every one they sell, if only to keep
> you in the habit of buying parts from them.  Run properly, over-the-counter
> parts sales can be a very profitable part of a dealer's business and catering
> only to those cars that are still current and/or under warranty is to
> potentially give away a lot of business to your competition. 

I agree.  That would be the way it *could* be.  But I wouldn't even
think of buying an oil filter at the dealer when a local place stocks
Mann/Mahle at about $4 each.

>   I've never stepped foot inside of Carlsen
> Audi but considering that I have received better service from them, despite
> being 1100 miles away and selling parts for 25-30% under MSRP instead of 10%
> over it,

Isn't that a riot?

> you can bet that when I do, I'll buy my Audi from them, even if I
> have to pay extra for shipping it to Arizona or hop on a plane to pick it up
> in Palo Alto myself.

While being able to grab parts off the shelf would be nice, I can't
think of what i would expect them to stock.  So many little parts go bad
so infrequently & are dealer only, like sensors 'n' stuff.

It did surprise me to have to special order brake caliper mounting bolts

Huw Powell


82 Audi Coupe; 85 Coupe GT