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Re: Hella auxillary lamps

Chris Dyer
> For my '87 5kcstq:
> Since euro headlamps are far too expensive (I mean HONESTLY people!) I'm 
> looking into alternatives.
> I've heard there is an "auxillary" headlamp (resembles your typical fog 
> lamp) made by Hella.  I'm interested in this since I don't want driving 
> lights which would prove too bright for oncoming drivers & law 
> enforcement.  Does anyone know of these and where I might get them?
> If I can't find them, I think I'll go with driving lamps anyway, wired 
> to the parking lamps.

You could do what a few listers have done install circa 84 headlight
buckets with nice new Hella H1/H4 lights on each side.  I have done
this on both my 5KQ (dearly departed due to SUV) and 200TQ.  The
buckets and good trim can be got from wreckers for around $150, cost of
Hellas varies.  I'm running 2 x 80W lows and 4 x 100W highs (night into
day!).  If you are going to crank the amps though you will need to
install relays and 12 Ga wire from the jump start terminal to the
lights. (~ $40)

The retro look might be offputting to some, for me it was just fine.  I
kept the old headlight gear, I could have probably sold it for half of
the upgrade cost....

Peter Golledge