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RE: 1.8T in Ur-q


>If you'd humor me.....
Consider yourself humored...

I've seen and read of people installing updated turbo's and newer
turbo engines in the Ur-q, and was wondering if the natural
progression of this update is to install the 1.8T engine.

Clearances ought not to be a problem, and with any of the available
chip/exhaust upgrades, power should be equal to or exceed the chipped
and resprung 5-cyl. models.  Drivetrain/driveline issues, as well as
drive-by-wire and electronic compatibility of hardware from two
decidedly different eras seem like the largest obstacles.

Has anyone heard, done, or seen a conversion of this kind?  You can
bet Andrew Bennett and Anderson Bros. are at least thinking about it. 
Seems like it would be the logical upgrade in engines at this time.

I have given this idea more than a pasing thought, enough in 
fact to have the factory 1.8T engine documentation in my 
possession. With VAG pumping these engines out as fast as 
they can and with this engine being installed in numerous 
VW/Audi models, there should be no problem with availability.
Unlike the 20V 5 cyl turbo engine which still command some 
$$$. I haven't priced a 1.8T engine, so I don' have any data 
points yet.

Performance wise the 1.8T would have to be pushed a bit to
keep up with a chipped/slightly tweaked MC engine. Add in the 
cost pumping up the 1.8T correctly(new turbo, exhaust 
manifold, intake manifold, fuel injectors, exhaust, etc), the 
MC swap looks downright cheap. With this in mind, the MC 
engine has the $/hp advantage.
The main problem I would worry about is the long term 
reliability of the 1.8T engine. More than a few engines have 
been plauged with WG actuator rod failures and I have 
read about intake hose problems. All these on both stock 
and chipped engines. We all have heard about the euro 
tuners who are getting >350hp from some 1.8Ts, but there
is some significant $$ invested to get there. And I haven't
heard anything lately about longevity. History has shown 
that the 5 cyl MC turbo engine is pretty bulletproof, even 
when pumped up. Only time will tell for the 1.8T.

Dave Lawson
1983 ur-quattro with an MC engine
1990 200 TQ Avant