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Re: 10v air filter upgrades?

>     The Blau unit will have the same problem a cone will of drawing in
> cold air.  So will punching holes.  However, I HIGHLY recomend using a
> K&N and punching holes in stock box provided you either shild the box at
> the back to protect from hot exhaust air or only drill holes in front
> half.  FOrmer option is the best.  I have done this to a VW Jetta and 3
> 4kq's and every one noticed a difference in power.  Down low it doesn't
> do much but avobe 4k RPM it pulls stronger and I tent to fine myself at
> Red Line much more often.  I dont think you really GAIN much power buy
> you definately get more power over a Wider RPM band.
>     Also, it sounds cool.  It really growls when the big TB plate is
> open (say floored at like 3,000 RPM and up).

Thanks!  This gets me to a plan of attack: I'll get a K&N panel
(OEM-fit) filter, and punch holes in 2 or 3 sides of the airbox,
away from the hottest areas.  Then, if I still feel ambitious
later, I'll remove the whole sides of the box with holes in them,
including the bottom, and remove the K&N filter.  Next, I'd
fabricate a fitting around the exposed opening in the CIS intake
that would attach to the "lid" of the airbox, curving it to make
airflow smooth, and clamp a cone filter directly onto it pointing
down.  Then it would be in a good location, and the remaining
parts of the airbox would serve as a primitive wind and heat