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RE: Dunlop 8000s, tire wear,etc.

I spent some time today on the phone with a guy at Tirerack who seemed to
know what he's talking about.  In brief, this is what he had to spray.

1. The advantage of an all-season high performance tire, other than tire
design for snow dispersion, is that the compound is specifically designed
to be pliable in cold weather, i.e., it doesn't start hardening until very
cold temperatures below freezing.  However, these tires have to give
something up in warm, dry conditions.  THe SP8000s are stickier in that
range, but then they have a narrower band where they're optimal.  

2. THe Dunlop SP4000 and SP8000 use exactly the same construction, but the
tread design and composition differ.

3. Both these tires are relatively cheap.  Dunlop is discontinuing the
SP8000 so, for instance, you can buy a 225/50ZR16 at Tirerack for $85.  Not

4. A number of listers steered me to Dunlops.  THey apparently have had
good experience.  But like everything else, these decisions are price
sensitive.  IF you're working on an unlimited budget, undoubtedly there's
better out there.

5. While I'm relaying advice recently given, I should give particular
credit to John Karasaki for passing on several bits of wisdom on the subject.

- Jim