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10v filter upgrades

>>(and, yes, to sound more "aggressive" under acceleration).
>That'll be the easy part.

(brooks rolling his eyes)

I've had a couple K&N's, can't say I noticed a tremendous increase in
availible power. Slightly quicker turbo spool up on a turbo, but since
you've got a 4k..

I would pay good money for a better flowing exhaust that was -quieter-!! I
can not stand loud cars. Especially if they are intentionally loud. I just
want to hit them with a TOW or something thay permanently ruins the whole
damn thing.

People with bigger luxu-cruisers or luxo-sport cars with broken mufflers
don't bother me -as much-, because I figure they just don't notice it
through their better acoutically isolated environ.. they aren't trying to
be loud and stupid, they are just being stupid and thus loud.

IMHO, of course. :)