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Hard starting with a 4KCSQ

I've been experiencing a problem with cold starts in my '86 4KQuattro.  At
first start, the car will turn over right away and then promptly stall.  It
takes several minutes for the car to finally turn over and stay running,
although it runs quite rough.  Once the car warms up, it runs like a champ.
I suspect cold start valve, but I'd like to know if others have experienced
this problem so I know where to look first.
I'd appreciate private email in addition to a list post as I'm not
subscribed right now.  Thanks.

Jeffrey Smethers (smethers@lucent.com)
WAM Modem Business Operations - Lucent Technologies

Jeffrey D. Smethers  
P: 610-709-1145
F: 610-709-1097