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Re: Disrupter beam

Hairy green toads from Mars made Brett Dikeman say:

> You guys have been watching "Viper" and "Goldeneye" waaaay too much.
> Pure Sci Fi, and that line about airports and dodge caravans...pure BS...
> Brett
> > I remember a little device that was being tested for police use a while
> > back...
> > It was a small rocket propelled (?) device that would be mounted at the
> > bottom of the front spoiler a la James Bond, and if the police were
> > involved in a high speed chase, when they got to a less populated area
> > they could launch this thing at the car in front of them.  It would get
> > under the engine bay and start letting off horrendous bursts of EMI or
> > something that would fry any electronic components (i.e. ECU, ignition
> > controls, etc) of the car so it would stall.


Seen one of these in operation, but only in research/development.
They are not (yet) in use by police anywhere. I don't know that they
are tested, and there are serious questions about side-effects like
causing a crash or fire, stopping someone's pacemaker, etc.

Most police, though, have "stop strips"; stretchable lengths of
metal mat with sharp spikes in them. Slide them across the road
in front of perp, voila: 4 flat tires.

Maybe I should get a set of the goodyear run-flats :-)


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