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RE: Wrong Badge (mainly VW)

Todd Phenneger said:
>IF it is a late model Scirocco which this must have 
>been they have the 16v motor and put out 127hp??? 

The 1.8 US spec 16v was 123hp. Torque is pretty low, but the tranny is
geared to run the high rpms. I've never driven another car where the
powerband and the gearing matched so good (my 88 GTi 16v). 

The later 2.0 US specs were 130hp, more torque. SEAT is using the 16v
2.0 in the Ibiza making in the neighborhood of 150hp. I like that car-
Its a 1999 A2 GTi really.

As far as what mods guys are doing-
Audi 2.0 blocks in Rabbits, 16v in Rabbits, G60s in Golfs, VR6 in
Golfs-Rabbits- Even seen a 20v turbo 5cyl in a Rabbit in a mag. Look
for the 1.8Ts to show up.

Light weight + free-revving, snorting engine + sorted suspension = a
really fun, tossible car.

I almost bought an 87 Scirocco 16v in 92... settled for the 88 5000sq.
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