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Re: Audi 5000/100/200

<<The name change occurred mid-model-year, but the change to the new style
dash etc. apparently started with the beginning of the 88 model year.>>

	We happen to OWN a **late-year** 1988 5KS. While the trunk button is moved to
the right side (instead of the center) it has all the older 5000 appointments,
including dash. How many '88s do you have, and how are they outfitted?

	And to return your quote: "Is that enough evidence for you?"

	We're talking about Audis here, so a note to all listers not to be TOO SURE
about any of this stuff unless you actually have it in hand. And even then if
can be tough to get this list to accept some of it.  :-)   Check the recent
comments from Steve Buchholz about the final drive ratios in the V-8 cars.....