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WTB: 90 CQ Fog light needed

Hello Fellow Audians,

Anyone out there have and want to sell a driver-side driving light for a
1990-91 Coupe Quattro?    Looks like my car was the victim of a Midnight
Auto Parts deal (the light was stolen right outta the car!!!).  Based on the
new price for a driving light, I wanted to ask the list first, before having
to FINANCE the purchase of a new one!!!  (Just kidding.)  For that matter,
if anyone has any unique accessories or body styling accessories for a CQ
(or a 1989 100) that they are interested in selling, please let me know.  (I
know that's a far reach, but it can't hurt to ask...)  Thanks for any help
anyone can offer.

Michael Fagan
(518) 453-9300 (home phone)