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RE: WTB: 90 CQ Fog light needed

I went through this about 6 months ago when I helping a friend.  We gave 
up looking for OEM alternatives, etc. 

Deedee at Carlson in CA (800-762-7883) had as good a price anywhere.  I 
recall there was an installation kit he required.

other note I found...
The lens assemblies for the 90 Fogs sell for $60.36 each plus $7.23 for 
the installation hardware kit. But the part number that I have is 893 941 
723B/724B Left and right respectively. Shipping would be $7 - and I have 
a pair in stock. Ken
Ken Beard, Susquehanna MotorSports,
717-993-2215, 717-993-2214 fax,
www.susquehanna.com/susq, kenbeard@nfdc.net

Park City, UT