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Dunlop SP 4000s: Was: Sumitomo tires any good?

> From: Chris Woodward [mailto:cwoodwar@bellsouth.net]
> Geoff,
> I noticed you are a PO of Dunlop SP4000's.  I have them on my CQ right
> now -- 205/55 ZR16 size.  I have noticed that they SUCK in the rain.  In
> fact, I don't drive places in the rain any more, I just hydroplane
> there.  Is your experience with them similar?
> Chris

Yes and no. What I _have_ noticed is that there are at least two _distinct_
Dunlop SP 4000 designs. The tread blocks are similar, but the grooves on my
"winter" SP 4000s (225/50/16, bought ?/97) are _much_ wider (offhand, say a
6-7mm groove) than those on my wife's car (205/55/15, bought 5/98) (4-5mm

Hers hydroplane moderately at speed and are _pathetic_ in snow or slush.
Mine are acceptible if uninspired in the wet, and tolerable in snow.

Whether the groove is wider on the 225 because they're a wider tire, or
because they changed the design, I can't say for sure, but it does make me
hesitant to recommend them. _Mine_ are a decent compromise tire, though I'm
aching for weather to reinstall the S0-2s. My wife's aren't even worth
describing as "compromised".

'94 S4