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A520's on the track

> In a message dated 99-02-19 18:15:49 EST, ejfluhr@austin.ibm.com writes:
> >Since we are on the subject, does anyone have an opinion on how these
> >two tires might compare out on the track?  It looks like I will run
> >this size on my urquattro, and they are likely to see a good amount
> >of track time. 

If you are going to see a "good amount of track time", I think running
_any_ street tire would be false economy.  Not only will they not work
anywhere near as well as a "R-compound" tire, they will wear quickly and
you will end up having to buy more tires anyway.  R tires really aren't
expensive compared to Z-rated street stuff.  I think you should at least
consider getting some Yoko 032R's or, if you want something a little bit
stickier and a little cheaper (but not as long lasting or as good in the
wet), try the Kumho V700's.  Both of these tires are available thru the
TireRack and various competition tire sources.