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> I'm currently having a problem with my Audi 100's hydraulic pump.  I have
> tried to replace it two times, and each time after installing the
> remanufactured pump, the front half of the pump cracks 30 seconds after the
> car is started.

Why did you have to replace it in the first place?

> I'm curious to find out whether the accumulator is responsible for pressure
> building and cracking the front half of the hydraulic pump.  Myself and my
> mechanic are at our wits end!!

It sounds like the pressure relief valve in the hydraulic accumulator
is stuck.  There is a pressure relief valve for the steering, but
that is built into the pump.

I'd disconnect the line from the pump line at the accumulator and make sure that
the line isn't blocked first by turning the pump by hand.
(Make sure you discharge the accumulator first.)
Similarly for the steering line from the pump to the rack.

Then, I'd disconnect and plug the line from the accumulator to the
resevoir and again, turning the pump by hand, see if any oil
will come out of the accumulator.

You could just replace the accumulator and hope for the best,
but that could be costly if it's the lines that are blocked.

How badly does the pump crack?  Can you use it to run the tests?