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Re: Replaced bomb - still a problem?

In message <00ea01be5d21$34b78960$2640883e@default> "Jim Haseltine" writes:

> Replaced the bomb on my 88 Ur-quattro this morning, the old one
> depressurized in 4-5 pumps, the new one in 40-50. I was shocked by the
> colour (and debris content) of the fluid that drained out of the brake line.
> Big improvement in the brakes, but if I leave the car for a couple of hours
> the new bomb seems to depressurize 'cos when I start the engine I'm seeing
> the warning light, sometimes flickering, sometimes on constantly. Once the
> engine has been running it goes out and stays out.

"Fluid that drained out of the brake line"?

Do you really mean that, or do you mean "fluid that drained out of the
hydraulic line"?

If the latter, do the following:

a) Lift the filter 'basket' out of the hydraulic oil reservoir and
   give it a damn good clean.  A commercial degreaser is best, Gunk
   will do.

b) Replace it and run the engine for ten minutes.  While it's running,
   cut off the hose clip on the (upper) hydraulic oil return to the
   reservoir (from the brake servo) with a junior hacksaw.  I used to
   try undoing this, but I've now given up.

c) Stop the engine, take a jam jar, pull off the hose thus freed
   above, stick the hose in the jam jar and balance it (quite easy
   with a standard jar) just below the reservoir.  Observe.  Any
   meaningful flow means a dead brake servo.

 Phil Payne
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