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Re: meaning of s and cs

MHLIGGINS@aol.com decided to speak these words:

>	Ti mentioned that there was a nomenclature change, which could be part of 
>But I do know that both "S" and "CS" exist in some model years, so it was not
>totally related to a change from one madel year to the next.

OK, well, fromw hat i know, there are two different answers to this 

First, regarding the 4000 series.  In 1984, there was no CS at all, and i 
think even in 1985 this was true.  I knwo that the 85 4ksq has power 
everything and was the top of the line, but then in 86 it changed for 
some reason to CS with no apparent change in trim at all.  Actually, from 
having in the family both an 85 and 86 4kq, there is no change at all.  I 
think the only difference might be in the non quattro versions where 
there was probably a trim thing going on.  I have never been in a 2wd 4k, 
so i dont know.

As far as the 5k goes, starting in 86 i believe, the 5000S cars were 
non-turbos, and the 5kCS cars were turbocharged.  They could both have 
quattro options, but that is what i understand to be true....


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