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87 5ktq Co Problem Part II

Thanks to all who replied to my co problem.  However I have new wires, plugs are ok, 
distributor is relatively new, no air leaks that I or the dealer can find, new vacuum hoses, 
fairly new oxygen sensor, the whole thing.  Yet this acceleration problem (car kicks and 
bucks all the way up to red line during moderate acceleration) is still there.  
I still think the co adjustment somehow gets out of adjustment, and I need to know
 if anybody has heard of this happening on a regular basis?  The mechanic at the 
dealer told me that Audi's actually need to have the co adjusted to summer and 
winter driving conditions to keep the car in top shape, which surprised me  But my 
problem seems to be that the car seems to not keep the co adjustment very long. 
If the car has problems keeping the co adjustment, how can I fix it?

John F. Lingelbach