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Re: QSW?

> From: "Wm. Josiah Erikson" <werikson@hampshire.edu>
> Is this a JT code motor?
> -YUP
> Is this an interference engine? (In other words, should I change my
> timing belt NOW?) Should I change the water pump at the same time? Yes,
> right?
> -YUP.And YUP.And YUP.And Idler Pulley for T-Belt.
Are you saying the JT motor is interference???
I would not agree at all.... 
I snapped the cam belt on my '86 4kq (JT) @ 5000+ RPM WOT and 
coasted to the side of the highway... made a call got some tools
and a belt and was back in business within the hour....

Rich Andrews

BTW, I did NOT do the WP at that time.... had to 6 months l8r though...
Oh well, original pump @ 200k+...
O-ring leaked pump was still good!
I'll quit rambling now... bye!