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Re: Follow-up: Intake on a 5-cyl.

I've been thinking about this very same subject for quite a while. I beleive
that the key here is fresh cold air.

I am currently trying to fit a 2.5 ~ 3" pvc pipe from the grill area under the
bumper, up to the airbox. Even with the air conditioning, I have the room, but
I haven't gotten around to doing it yet. The larger diameter pipe would then
be reduced to the stock diameter at the box, or I would enlarge the intake for
the new pvc pipe. I'm not sure about that part yet. I am favoring toward a
reducing fitting. This would keep near the stock flow rate and lessen the
turblance for a new box K & N filter. The colder, denser air should increase
top end horsepower, but not by alot. The "funneled" air flow through the new K
& N should give you the sound that you are looking for too.

My last part of the design will be to have some type of rectangular funnel at
to screw in behind the grill for direct intake. This will be constructed out
of 1/8" thick PFA or some small guage sheet metal. The PFA will be more
expensive, but easier to work with. This is what I am currently working on.

I'll let you all know how it works in a few weeks.

If any one finds out more info on the subject, please foward it to me at

Scott Calabrese
88 80q 10v I5 ng