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RE: euro bumper

I feel like the guy in the hotbot commercial:

BBBZZZT!  "File not found!"

At 12:22 PM -0700 2/21/99, Henry A Harper III wrote:

> http://www.srv.net/~hah/audi/rally200q.jpg seems to be a euro 
> bumper (somewhere under there :) Thanks to Sarge for sending me the 
> picture in August, was my background at work until the most recent 
> layoff. I suspect the euro-200 bumper looks like the US-V8 bumper.
> HTH,
> Henry Harper
> http://www.srv.net/~hah
> 1991 200 quattro, 100k
> 1988 GTI 16v, 186k, wish Dad would get his Eclipse back from 
> viscous coupling replacement so I could have the GTI again

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