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Rental Cars

Larry wrote:
> I was lamenting the experience of driving a Ford Crown Victoria from
> Hertz. There must be a better choice.
You'll get as many opinions here as there are listers, but... I've rented
from Hertz a couple of times a month over the past five years mainly because
of corporate contract, but also because I really like Hertz. They have nice
cars, I always prefer the Toyota Camry which is a really nice driving
machine (yes, all Quattro owner are allowed to beat me on my head for saying
If you book a full-size car, you will get a dreaded Ford Taurus or Mercury
Sable. However, book full-size, make sure you ask them to put in "prefer
Toyota, Volvo". They have a range of really nice cars, even Subaru 4WD in
many locations. Most fun I had was back in 1995 in a Mazda Miata speeding
along the gravel part of Mulholland Drive on a sunny Friday afternoon. Even
an automatic Miata can be pretty "spirited". Too bad they don't rent any

P-O Selander, Bellevue, WA  (I call the Ford Crown Vic "das Boot" due to its
form and floating ride)
89 100E
91 300ZXTT