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Re: clunking in the front end

Dennis V <dennis_v_iii@yahoo.com> writes:

>Hi, I have a question about an 84 Audi 5000.  Upon acceleration and
>sometimes over bumps there is a clunking noise coming from the front
>end.  Any ideas what this could be?  Ball joint maybe?  Is it

On the '84 5KS, it seems like there is ALWAYS something that needs
changing on the front suspension. BTDT tooo many times.
Most probable cause is either the front balljoints or the
bushings on the A-arm.  

>the clutch needed to be pressed all the way to the floor 
>in order to be able to shift gears, and then a couple day later, it
>doesn't need to be depressed as far, there's maybe two inches of room
>left at the bottom.  Any idea what these problems might be?  I'm new
>to audi's and appreciate any insight.  Thanks.

Sounds clutch cylinders are on the way out.  Change them before they
go altogether, as the pedal bottoms out and won't come back up if you
ignore it too long. BTDT



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