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Re: Master Cylinder Grommets

ETKA says:

Audi P/N 811 611 817   ('87 90q)
VW  P/N  113 611 817A ('87 Passat Syncro wagon)
They look very identically on the picture, I suppose
it's a same part.

'87 5kcstq 148K miles  1.8 bar
'86 5kcst 5-spd (in memory)

Jim Griffin wrote:

> I don't recall on which list (q or syncro) someone had posted the info (i.e part
> # and where to get it, if not at the dealer) about the rubber grommets that seal
> up the reservoir to the metal part of the brake master cylinder. It looks like I
> need them for my QSW. It's leaking a bit of brake fluid every now and then. (And
> brake failure at highway speeds is not something I want to experience!!)
> Of course, I asked the parts guy at the local Audi dealer (i.e. Bernardi in
> Natick, MA), and he was supposed to call me back (since he couldn't find them
> easily/in-stock), and never did.
> I remember someone posting that one dealer (or parts place) told them they'd
> have to replace the whole master cylinder, and instead, after searching a bit,
> found that one could actually obtain just the two rubber grommets (for cheap
> $$).
> Anyone have the part #? It might be the same as the one for the 4kq, but I'm not
> sure.
> Thanks.
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