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Re: 1.8T into Early Audi

Yeah, maybe the TT dash use wouldn't make it all that much easier. The
upside is the TT dash would have all the instrumentation (including idiot
lights and trip computers) that would plug in with the newer engine. Yes, it
would make it more complicated.....:) But I think it would fit the 4000 well

There would probably be fitment problems with the center console and
position of the shifter (I was eyeing it up at NAIAS but could take no
measurements because I had not 4K to compare it with. That's not to mention
how freakin long it will take before TT spares start showing up on the

Still, cosmetics are a matter of taste. To me, the build quality of the TT
interior compared to the 4K interior are quite different. The TT boasts
wonderful new improvements like backlit instrumentation, buttons rather than
switches just to name a few. It is retro for sure, and would look somewhat
at home inside (IMHO) Audi's equivalent of the 2002 (Mk 1 4KQ). (NSU TTS
doesn't count as it wasn't an Audi).