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Transistor question

Has anyone had any trouble with the Hall control module?  I replaced
mine in November, and think that may be the source of all the troubles
with my 85 4Kq...performed the book test, voltage drop on the coil once
the ignition is switched on...got nine volts that dropped to zero in
about 2 seconds...afterwards, nothing...could not get a repeat at
all...read zero from then on.  So, I think I have pinpointed the
trouble.  Got the part, along with a pump relay, from my old employer,
and both turned out to be crap, it seems...the relay did not work from
day one.

Live and learn.  If anyone else has had a problem module, I would
appreciate a discription of the trouble it caused, so I can compare.

Steven Hill
85 4Kq
various and sundry projects