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'87 5k power steering rack questions...

Today, it's time to fix my mother's hydraulic system leaks.  After cleaning up
everything under the hood Saturday and driving it around on errands yesterday,
I've found that several of the hoses are cracked and weeping.  I haven't yet
been able to determine whether the rack itself is leaking, though.

I pulled back the rubber boot that covers the rack and found some runny grease
and/or thickened pentosin inside whereas when I did this on my father's '91
100, it was completely dry.  It's kind of hard for me to tell but given the
condition of the hoses, I wouldn't be surprised if the boot itself is cracked
in places as well and given the amount of fluid being leaked by the nearby
hoses (1 liter/two weeks), I wouldn't be surprised if some of it had "wicked"
in over the past few months.  What's the scoop on this?

Needless to say, I'd prefer *not* to R&R the rack, if possible, but if it has
to be done, I'd like to call Jorgen today and get a rebuilt one on its way...