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Re: Tire wear, all-seasons, and stuff

On Sat, 20 Feb 1999, Michael Williams wrote:

> Interesting, in my experience, it has been the exact opposite.  There is 
> a web page i have used somewhat as a guide: 
> http://catalog.com/susq/other/stuning.htm

	Thanks, I'll check it out.  Just keep in mind that AWD cars handle
and behave differently than FWD and RWD cars. They have attributes of

> And in it, stated as the first method to reduce understeer, is to 
> increase the tire pressure in front and reduce tire pressure in the rear. 
> This was backed up by Ned Ritchie when he was my driving instructor 
> because my car was understeering a bit, and he asked what tire pressures 
> i run, which i run 42 front and 36 rear, he said ok, and that the front 
> should be bumped up to 44 while leaving the rear the same...

	I think it depends on how the car is set up.  If you already have
super stiff springs and shock in the rear I suspect this would be true.
But for Stock springs I think Overly high in back is better.

> This is also interesting since, at least with the sport 8000, higher tire 
> pressure most definitely means more grip.  I had a slow leak on the right 
> front tire on the 4k a while ago, and any time that it would get down a 
> couple psi, it would lock up very prematurely on hard braking...until i 
> filled it back up and evened out the pressure...

	Unless you go TO high.  Much above 44psi on a Z rated tire and it
will get round and you will lose traction.  See my post from a a couple
posts ago.  

> and also, anytime that i had the front tire pressures a bit lower, it 
> rolled alot more and understeered much more heavily...

	Try running the fronts at optimal 42 or 44 or whatever it is for
YOUR car (I suspect a TAD more on a UR-Q since it is heavier and has more
weight on the front with AC and a turbo than my 4kq.  THen inflate the
rears Above the optimal pressure.  (if you go over the "recomended max
pressure" or the tire I hold no responibility for the consequences
etc..etc...) but I run over the max 44 mark at about 46 or so when I hit
the track.  I do 50 when Auto-Crossing since temp isn't an issue but I
dont know if I trust 50 on the track due to the high heat the tires reach.