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RE: Customer Information for Boge Turbo Gas

The "good" price is because it is not a Q.  The Q rears are about 2x as much
at the T rears.

The parts connection told me:

$59 each front x 2
$99 each rear x 2

Mac at Clair Audi has good prices on them.  I will find out what he can do.

BTW, When doing my G60 caliper upgrade on the 86 5KTQ this weekend I found
out that 
the new calipers don't come with the carrier brackets.  What a pain in the
A--.  That price
of $89 from TPC is not as good as I had thought.  I don't blame Rod, he
didn't know 
what I was doing with them.  Just for Sh-ts and giggles I got the Audi price
on the carrier.  
They are $250 apiece.  Luckily I found some used ones for $40.

Mike Sylvester

94 100CS Q
86 5KCS TQ

> Ok ok....in response to many requests for the source of the $219 deal,
> here
> is the actual quote I received a few weeks ago. I have confirmed this
> price
> on 2/21/99. This is from RDD enterprises(www.shox.com) So if you want to
> order, go ahead. I think I will too. The usual disclaimers apply etc. The
> number to order is 800-683-2890. =)
> >
> ><<
> > Customer Needs-- Need quote on the following shocks for 1986 Audi 5000CS
> >Turbo:
> > KYB GR-2 front/rear  $169.00
> > Koni Special front/rear  $ 419.00
> > Boge Turbo Gas front/rear  $219.00
> > Boge Pro Gas front rear  $279.00
> >Sets of 4.