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RE: Euro Bumper

WHat I want to know is How in the HECK you guys figured all the info
below (like Auto Tranny and Brake Resivoir) from the one External
Picture that is shown.  I can only see the grill (and lack of emblem)
but I sure as HEck cant tell if its an Auto or has a round MC without
looking in the hood or under the car.  Or inside for the Auto.
    Is there another Pic I'm missing?

Date: Mon, 22 Feb 1999 12:40:23 -0800
From: "Frank J. Bauer" <frankbauer@thevine.net>
Subject: Re: euro bumper

At 09:18 AM 2/22/99 -0500, Brett Dikeman wrote:
>At 8:55 PM -0700 2/21/99, Matt Bauer wrote:
>> Frank J. Bauer wrote:
>>> http://www.audioc.force9.co.uk/ClubCars/albert/ba7.jpg
>> That has got to be one of the best looking 200s I have ever seen.
>Except it isn't what we US folks would consider a 200; and it isn't
>even a quattro.  It's a European 5000(-called- a 200) of about
>1987-88 vintage.

it is in fact a 200.
since this is a uk-based web site and the vehicle in question is
rhd, i would assume it is also based in the uk.
btw the uk is located in europe.
the 5000 moniker was used only in north america and only during the
and mid 80's.
this was an attempt by audi to distance themselves from the poor
held by the 100LS here.
they switched back to the european 100 (and 200 for turbos) designation
88 to distance themselves from the unintended acceleration fiasco.
the rest of the world, which means a majority of audis sold, did not
see a 5k.

>  Immediate hints:
>-brake reservoir is square; all type 44 models including and after
>1989 have a round reservoir(88's may have them too, I don't remember.)
>-no fender flares
>-no quattro logo on the front grille(unless he took it off for some
>-5000 wiper arms
>-5000 interior

since this obviously has a kg engine, i would guess it is an 85-86.
therefore it predates the round reservoir, flared fenders, folding wiper

arms and interior updates.

the quattro logo on the front grille is held on with a clip and can be
removed in seconds, so there are no hints there.
the real clue is the auto tranny which no real quattro would have...


ps - none of the above prevents this from being (one of) the nicest type

44's any of us has ever seen...