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Re: Quantum manual steering?

Hmmm that's good info to have. So there's no quicker-ratio manual steering setup
out there, eh? Too bad. Is there any way to get rid of that on-center numbness? It
drives me nuts... more negative camber up front, maybe? Is it a bad idea to play
with the alignment on these cars for some odd reason (I love playing with the
alignment on my Rabbit- I can make it into a whole different car, almost :
)        )
    Thanks much (I love this list, and all the info on it)

JustaxPHX@aol.com wrote:

> >Does anyone know if Quantums ever came with manual steering, or if there
> >is any manual steering rack that could be put in my QSW without too much
> >modification? (early 2WD 4K rack, perhaps? I dunno...)
> The '80 and '81 4k was available with a manual rack as well as various early
> Dasher and Quantum models and the early VW Fox ... any of them should bolt
> right up.
> > I hate the power steering- numb on center, overboosted (though not as bad as
> some!), etc.
> > Much better than some, but I just prefer manual steering. (It's just a
> > matter of preference, so don't ask me why I want to convert).
> IMO, the manual rack setup sucks ... 5 turns from lock-to-lock (which is
> waayyyy too slow) and the steering feel isn't much different.  The on-center
> numbness appears to be a result of the suspension geometry rather than the
> power rack setup and it remains even with the manual rack...
> JG