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Re: You asked for this!

Mike Arman wrote:
> >Cue Mike Arman to sing the praises of the custom hydraulic hose...
> >
> >- - Wallace
> OK, Wallace, remember, YOU ASKED FOR THIS!!!

I'll have to ask more often!!! That was great, Mike!

- Wallace

> (tune: Glory, Glory Hallelujah)
> I went to see the dealer for a power steering hose,
> I said I had an Audi and he looked down his nose,
> "The hose you're gonna need will cost a million bucks"
> I looked him in the eye and told him that he s*cks.
> Chorus: (repeat as needed)
> Audi dealer gonna screw ya,
> Audi dealer gonna do ya,
> They'll take all of your money and they cannot fix your car,
> And even if you sue them you won't get very far.
> I went to see my dealer for a can of Pentosin
> He didn't even grease it before he shoved it in
> It didn't make a difference; "Son, you need a rack"
> Then I found Dan's Audi list and swore I'd not be back.
> Chorus !!
> I went and found the nearest commercial hydraulic shop
> When he told me the price, I thought I was gonna drop
> For twenty six bucks complete, he went and made me a new hose
> I'm gonna take the old one and shove it up the dealer's nose.
> Chorus !!!
> If you want to drive an Audi and still have food to eat
> Just read this Audi list because it simply can't be beat
> The people on this list can only be called swell
> and as far as I'm concerned, the dealer can go to hell!
> Chorus !!!!
> Best Regards,
> Mike (the Bard) Arman