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Wheel Bearing Pullers


I have looked into this last month ans this is what I found.  One tool
is listed on and it costs $300.  One lister suggested
Proper Tools for a similar device and it sells for about $285.00.  The
trick is to get the right adapters for your car.

Apparently, these pullers work although they requre gorilla upper torso
strength and assorted hand tools for holding/ blocking.  Nevertheless, I
am planning to buy one as the alternatives are grim.  One garage quoted
me $250 per side, not to mention the cost of the alingment and attitude
they gave me after I inquired about their installation method (puller,
press, big hammer) and the possibility of bringing in my own parts
(Carlsen $60 (kit): Theirs $100 just the bearing).

I figure that if I buy the tool, I will recover its cost just after one
side.  Then, the car has 3 more sides and these things are not exactly
durable.  In addition to financial benfits, one can take care to do a
high-quality job and inspect and replace releated components.  Finbally,
doing a job like that brings immense sense of satisfaction.


88 5ksq
84 4ks