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Re: Intercooler hose broke!

Better than samco: replace with my hose trick. Cost you $10.
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On Tue, 23 Feb 1999, Dan Hamren wrote:

> Ok you guys warned me, but did I listen?  Yes, but I forgot to put the
> duct tape in the car.
> all right Re-wind.
> I recently chipped and springed my 1987 5000 csqw.  I strapped the inter
> cooler once, and checked for cracks in the I-C hose AKA Michelin man
> hose.  No leaks, Lots of boost, and away I go..  until today,   I was
> taking Hunter (my daughter) to school.  I noticed the engine was not
> putting out the big HP.   Then on a hill i heard a large hissing.  Upon
> arrival at school, I popped the hood, and low and behold the I-C hose
> was split underneath.  So here are my questions.  Now that the I_C hose
> has broken,  will it hurt my car to drive it.  Secondly should I replace
> it with a 50.00 oem hose, or spend some bucks putting on a Samco hose,
> and deal with installing that bit$#?  P.S. Exactly what does flow
> through the hose anyway
> Dan Hamren
> 1987 5000 csqw  still  #1 in my book