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Re: urq vacuum hose lengths

At 12:23 PM 2/23/99 -0800, c a l i b a n wrote:
>	so this is for under the hood - what aboutthe rest of 
>	the car?  there's more than just the one size that is
>	in the motor copartment, right?  lots of stuff in the
>	back for the locks and windows, etc.

i remember it as being all the same size in the 4kq.  6mm?
my tqw used a couple of different sizes.
ymwv re:urq
i only did the engine compartment hoses and the hoses to the pedals for the
cruise control release switches.
you should only need a couple of extra feet to do the diff lock hose, since
most of the length is plastic tubing.
the windows don't use rubber hose.
i wouldn't worry about the door lock hoses since they don't get the weather
and heat cycles like those in the engine compartment.

>	how much is $20 worth?  just from a quick glance it
>	doesn't look like 6 feet would do the urq (i'm speaking
>	of just the engine stuff).
2000 pennies?    =8)
prices can range from $.50 to $1.50 per foot.
just get 20 feet.
it's not expensive.
it's not perishable.
it has numerous uses.
it's not worth another trip to the store because you didn't have enough...