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Re: 90 shocks/self-locking nuts!!

At 03:44 PM 2/23/99 -0500, Jim Slusser wrote:
>>1. The shock (bilstein HD ) is too THIN! There is a huge gap between the
>>shock and the strut inner surface, compared to stock. The claim is that
>>it's OK as long as you make sure the shock hits the pit in the bottom of
>>the strut -- indeed, there is a little pit down there, and then tighten the
>>ring nut (the stock one goes, the new fancy one with a seal comes with the
>Yep - it's thin.  I called Bilstein on this and they say 
>it's normal.  The dimple at the bottom of the strut tube 
>locates it sufficiently.  

i believe my tokicos came with a nylon ring to centrally locate the top end
of the strut...