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Re: return of stolen audi

they're (usually) not
>> liable for anything....you have, in effect, "lent" them your car...all
>> more reason to find a reputable shop. Accidents happen, but a good shop
>> want your return business....(especially with these darn things!!)
>Not the way it happens in the UK.  They take your car in a professional
>relationship - _THEY_ are liable for its safe keeping.
>OTOH - if you get a loaner - YOU are liable for IT.

As you should be, it's a two way street. At least it should be.

Standard disclaimer in Canada, from a Canadian Tire invoice:

"This company does not assume any responsibilty whatsoever for vehicle,
appliance, or equipment left for repairs or storage or for articles left

Nice, eh?
I guess you could try and gett'em into small claims court....or maybe the
_person_ who did the work, personally.
My usual garage has no such disclaimer on it's bill.

Stephen Bigelow
e-commerce/ Business Development
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