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My Audi $750 / $850 Delivered in New England


    My 1986 Audi 4000 CS Quattro is for sale.  You have seen it offered for
$1200 b/0.  Due to an offer for a cannot pass up oppurtunity, I will sell my
Audi for $750 cash or U. S. postal money order or $850 delivered if in New
England and close to Cape Cod.
      My car needs work that includes a flywheel and some seals.  With a new
flywheel all the work would cost $1200.  With a used flywheel ( and I have
over 6 emails that will lead me to used flywheels) you will save money.
There are six missing teeth in a row on the flywheel.  The original starter
nose broke apart and the replacement was from another junkyard vehicle and
lasted for almost a year.  There is a new rebuilt Bosch starter with a
lifetime guarentee from Auto Palace in there now.

My car has been well cared for and has 225,000 miles on it now.  It has many
new parts including fuel pump, rebuilt axles, rebuilt alternator, rebuilt
starter, front struts, front rotars, two new tires, rebuilt radiator all in
the last four months.  Last summer two new rear rotars, calipers and pads.
Two summers ago, entire muffler system from the catalytic converter to the
tailpipe and four new tires installed.  Two and a half years ago, bearings
for all four axles installed.  The sunroof is permanently sealed and the
antenna is missing.  There is little body rust on this car that is alpine
white with excellent gray interior.  A/C, power windows, power steering,
cassette deck with am / fm radio as well.

The previous first owner is a relative of the current owner, my wife.

William K. Mahler
Hyannis, Massachusetts.