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Re: My Intercooler hose broke!! Conclusion

> <<> Ok Guys,  Thanks for the Information.  Looks like I will be purchasing a
> > new roll of duct tape to fix the I-C hose temporarily.

> It won't work.

> .......

> --
>  Phil Payne>>

> 	OK, so what do I tell my back-up quat that has had a duct tape repair on the
> hose for the past seven months? I've got a spare ready to go on if it ever
> lets go again, but it's playing Energizer Bunny....   :-)

Must be inferior quality duct tape in the UK ;)

I've seen a local car with the duct tape repair and it seems to work fine.
As for overstressing the intercooler, I doubt it - especially in
comparision to the Samco hoses!