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Re: octane

"Wm. Josiah Erikson" wrote:

> It probably means 91 octane using the ROZ/RON method. That's equivalent to
> 87 octane on US pumps... different calculation method. All of my VW's have
> said 91 octane, which means 87 on US pumps.

Neg dudes.

at least for the turbo, you NEED the octane.  with a NorAm car they mean US
octane ratings.

with a turbo motor and cheap gas one of 2 things happens:

a.) detonation ping knock whatever they call it where you live.  bad, not
good, unless you are looking for excuses to rebuild your motor for 350 hp

b.) your computer decides that a. is going to happen and retards timing,
decreases boost, - all those things that make you less of a happy motorist.

if b. happens for long enough, lots of engine computers will decide somethings
wrong and put your Check Engine light on for you, and default to minimum
fuel/timing maps in 'limp home' mode (also known as 'limp biscuit' mode).