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new audi look alikes(forgive the long run-on)

I was just wondering if anyone one out here has driven the new jetta.  I am
very happy withe the ole a4 and wouldn't drop it for anything.  But the little
jetta is cute or at least it is on the commericals.  I have yet to see one in
this little doinky god forsaking  or should I say forgotten town.  I do like
the idea( its what I read), that the little grocery getter will do 0-60 is
7.4.  Not that one ever needs it, but is fun to play with. Has anyone driven
one yet, I may travel down the road this weekend, to try one out.  Maybe get
the lil bug out of my system.  Plus I need to relax, school is killing me and
need to do something fun and stress releaving, what can you say about being
able to drive someone else's car like hell when they are in there and they
tell you to push it harder.  Can't be it, hope they have a sport version and
hope they have a new a4 to drive just for comparison of their tow and mine.
Oh and  has anyone notice how much the other cars are copying the audi a4,
BMW, Vw, just to name a few.  But in there defense what a product to try an
emulate.  Once last thing on this bandwidth, which will open a sore spot.  The
a4 I feel in some ways reminds me of a ugh do I say it a  NEON. Hope the audi
gods forgive me, escpecially with mine ging in tomorrow.  But is true, they
share somewhat the same shape and the damn rear lights a cut the same way and
the look is the same but smaller.  Hell, I don't care if the gods forgive me I
hope my lil baby forgives me.