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Re: Sport Q Tail light...

In message <000101be5f7b$305beee0$584437a6@sl400> Anand Dhanda writes:

> are the tail lights on a Sport Q colored or are they black?? I've seen pics
> of them with and without blacked out tail lights so I was wondering...

The parts microfiche says #855 945 217/8 B.  It doesn't say that they're
black.  It says SPORTQUATTRO.

On the line above, it gives the number for the first year of smoked
lenses - exactly the same number.  For QUATTRO.

The original clear lenses had no suffix.

The second and subsequent years are suffix "C" - this is because the
bulbs were doubled up.

So - no matter how they left the factory - if you ordered replacements
today you'd definitely get single-bulb smoked lenses.

 Phil Payne
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