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20v ur-quattro availability

i dropped into my friendly dealer the other day. it doesn't hapen much
because he's 640kms from where i live.  we chatted about the usual sorts of
things.  then he mentioned that he was getting calls from germany about the
availabilty of 20v ur-quattros in this part of the world (there are 3
originals in the southern hemisphere afaik).  and he said the particular
gent was calling every month.  was offering about dm 80k, and rising.  no
worries about rhd either apparently.

are 20v's no longer being sold in germany?  i would have thought that, given
the relative number of lhd's made (1700?), that there would be lots around?

the other interesting topic was the le mans trip.  plans are afoot. anyone
else planing to go???

'95 rs2
'90 ur-q